Frequently asked questions about educational games

Frequently asked questions and answers

How is it with the winnings and the prizes?

Any amount of winnings are only virtual, i.e. the winnings do not imply any financial, factual or other prize. The win is not legally or otherwise enforceable.

What to do if the game won't start resp. does not work well?

For the proper functioning of the games it is necessary that you use the latest version of one of the web browsers Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome or Opera. In the browser settings there must be allowed using cookies and javascript execution.

How do I register into the TV game Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

Our website has nothing to do with the television version of the Millionaire game competition. Therefore we are not able to register you in it in no way or otherwise ensure your participation in it.

How shall I add my own questions or words into the games?

If you wish to add your own questions or words into any game, send them to us via the form that is in the game (the item Questions in the top menu). After examining and checking we will add them into game.

How do I save the game, so that I can continue it later?

Unfortunately the game and position in the game can not be saved at this moment. However, it is possible to pause each game and continue it later, if you keep open the web browser with the game.




Game Pexeso

The classic memory game that helps in training of your mind.