Educational super online games for free: Millionaire, World Geography, Atomix, Hangman, Sudoku, Reversi

Educational, learning, and logical super online games for free:

Millionaire Game

Millionaire Game

The game Millionaire is a game according to the famous TV show.  In the game you must correctly answer 15 questions, whose difficulty increases as the game progresses. 

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Hangman Game

Hangman Game

The game Hangman is an educational game with which you learn new words and thus you can expand your vocabulary.  In the game you have to supplement the letters into words from different areas using online help. 

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Atomix Game

Atomix Game

The game Atomic is a logical educational game designed to learn the basics of molecular structures of organic chemistry.  The game has 18 levels in which you compose molecules from atoms according to displayed structure. 

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Sudoku Game

Sudoku Game

The game Sudoku is a numeric game focused on a combinatorial thinking and memory.  The objective of the game Sudoku is to complete correctly the missing numbers 1 to 9 into a grid with fields dimensions of 9x9, so that each number is exactly once in each row, column and sub-square. 

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Reversi Game

Reversi (Othello) Game

The game Reversi (Othello) is a logic turn-based game that is played on a chessboard of 8 x 8 fields.  The game objective is to have after the filling chessboard more stones of your color than your opponent has. 

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Game Pexeso

The classic memory game that helps in training of your mind.